1. Laser-induced graphene shrunk under microscope’s eye for flexible electronics
  2. Laser-induced graphene written by blue laser could be basis for flexible electronics
  3. Researchers shrink laser-induced graphene for flexible electronics
  4. Graphene forms under microscope’s eye
  5. This ultrastrong nanomaterial could cut carbon emissions — and it’s made out of garbage
  6. Graphene made in a flash from trash
  7. Electricity turns garbage into graphene
  8. ¿Es posible convertir la basura en un tesoro?
  9. Transformer plastiques et déchets alimentaires en graphène ‘vert’: Une piste en béton!?
  10. Trasformare spazzatura in grafene
  11. Gram-scale bottom-up flash graphene synthesis
  12. Coal to concrete? Scientists report chemical breakthrough
  13. Graphene typically costs $200,000 per ton. Now, scientists can make it from trash.
  14. Altmetric – Overview of attention for article published in Nature, January 2020
  15. Scientists turn ‘trash to treasure’ by making ultrastrong graphene from coal, plastic and food waste
  16. Rice lab turns trash into valuable graphene in a flash
  17. How to Turn Garbage Into Graphene
  18. Electricity + Garbage = Graphene
  19. Bacteria trapped — and terminated — by graphene filter
  20. Graphene filter grabs bacteria to kill them with a zap
  21. Bacteria trapped — and terminated — by graphene filter
  22. Wearable generator powers medical devices with every step of a flip-flop
  23. Triboelektrischer Generator auf Graphen-Basis
  24. Flexible generators turn movement into energy?
  25. Coal-derived quantum dots offer basis for effective antioxidant
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