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Extra Tartar Productions was formed by Michael to create sketch videos, short films and other projects leading to his eventual and inevitable total domination of Hollywood. 
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Standup Comedy

Michael performs around the Los Angeles area.  If you would like to stalk him, follow him on Facebook, where he publishes his times/dates and venues.

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  • I've reached the age where if I say I want to have kids, someone will call the police.
  • Brushing my cat makes me feel like a little girl brushing the hair on a doll. Well, that and the tea party we have afterwards.
  • I had a near death experience today. I drove past a cemetery.

Company of Angels presents Life During Wartime

"...many scorchingly memorable scenes, most notably one between Tommy and a suspicious man (the always impressive Michael Merton) who confronts the depressed Tommy after a horrific turn of events." Brad Schneider, Backstage West

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Why, yes, it is! Michael wrote cartoons for Disney such as "101 Dalmatians," "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command," and "Hercules," and even wrote a few episodes of "X-Men:Evolution." Check out the full list by clicking the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) link at the top left of every page.

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One click, a couple of taps, you're in...


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Pinnacle Talent
Agent: Tony Ferrar
5055 Wilshire Blve., Suite #865
Los Angeles, CA 90036 
(323) 939-5440 Office
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